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Charissa Parassiadis aka Slongs is a Belgian singer and MC with Greek blood. In barely two years, she turned from underground hip hop queen into a socially conscious and public figure wearing her heart on her sleeve. She won a Music Industry Award as breakthrough artist in 2013. Inspired by reggae, dancehall and hip hop, she released her debut album 'Goeien Dag' with Sony Music  Belgium​, which immediately went to gold.


She is known to bring the party and good vibes to clubs and festivals with her live band. Slongs now drops a Jack Parow collaboration as new single on her upcoming album. Jack Parow comments: 'Slongs is such a cool and amazing artist to work with. Talented, fun and amped to try new things. I really had the best time working with her and hope we can do some more cool stuff in the future! Lekker soos n krekker!''

Stream the new full album #GOEGAAN here

Together with Shado Twala and Miss Lira, she is a talent expert on The World's Best, a worldwide talent show hosted by James Corden and with Drew Barrymore, Faith Hill and RuPaul as judges. The show premieres immediately following Super Bowl on February 3rd 2019 on CBS Network Television. On March 1st 2019 Slongs will release her new album #GOEGAAN via Sony Music. 

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